Intergenerational Community Center

Randolph, MA

Randolph desired to create an Intergenerational Community Center to become the one-stop health, social, recreational and life-long learning resource centers that meet the needs of the youth, adults, “young-old” and the “old-old” in one facility. By moving out the bingo tables to make way for basketball courts, fitness centers and yoga classes, the community center integrates the Randolph Senior Center and is now attracting intergenerational crowds and playing integral roles in the lives of the community that it serves in Massachusetts. The facility boasts a large multi-purpose room with a deployable divider wall, effectively creating two acoustically separate event spaces out of one large function hall, and garage style doors that open to the corridor, maximizing access to the space during large events.  The kitchen serves both the Multipurpose Room and the Café area and also serves as a teaching facility with a large central island and accessible-height counters for class participants. The gym transforms to an indoor/ outdoor facility via two large barn doors, while a suspended walking track makes efficient use of the ceiling. Amenities abound, a greenhouse compliments the design, providing residents with year-round gardening enjoyment and green space with contemporary furniture to enhance the bright color palette. Picture rails installed throughout the facility encourage local and resident artists to display their work, and provide an ongoing “moveable” exhibit space, with a reception area located near the main entrance of the facility to provide access control in addition to a front-facing administrative reception for members and visitors.